Longing for Yoichi, Japan

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Yoishi still pots

Still Pots in Yoishi

In 1918, Masa­taka Taket­suru embarked alone on a long voy­age to Scot­land. In this dis­tant land the secrets of whisky-making would be imparted to this young Japan­ese man, and here he would meet the woman who would become his bride.Masa­taka Taket­suru was born in the coastal town of Take­hara (now Take­hara City) about 60km from Hiroshima City. The Taket­suru fam­ily owned a “sake”(Japanese brew made form fer­mented rice) brew­ery that goes back to 1733– and con­tin­ues to pro­duce fine sake today, in 2004. Taught early that sake mak­ing is a painstak­ing fine art, Masa­taka stud­ied dili­gently and trained at uni­ver­sity as a chemist, prepar­ing to carry on the fam­ily trade. How­ever, Scotch whisky cap­tured the young man’s imag­i­na­tion, as well as the inter­est of few other enter­pris­ing Japanese of that day. He decided to ded­i­cate his life to whisky. Con­tinue read­ing at;

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