Stockholm — Monks Café

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This place is brand new, but as all good bars, they should feel a bit old. Monks Café has a sec­ond bar installed at Sveavä­gen 39 in mid­dle of the town. Today you have in Stock­holm a boom in beer drink­ing, fine beer. New places fol­low one after the other. Akku­rate the most estab­lished whiskey bar in Stock­holm, a favorite of mine, has devel­oped into one of the great­est beer bars around. Still ahead of the com­peti­tors. But Monks Café has one thing, that no other com­peti­tor has. You can brew. Drink your one beer in the bar… sounds… very… well it takes some time to brew you one beer. Qual­i­fi­ca­tions and a magic spell will do. I haven’t tried yet… but maybe I will. Let’s see, Pilsen, weiss­bier, ale, porter, mead (ter­ri­ble), stout, ice­beer, bit­ter, Dort­munder, black beer and all, you can get at Monks Café.

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