Zoetrope is the best place in the world for…

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Atsushi Horigami in front of Zoetrope

Japan is prob­a­bly the only coun­try in the world where the pro­ducer can sell liquors that con­tain­ing only 5% whiskey, no mat­ter aging, and be allowed to call it whiskey. Nikka Whisky sold on the super­mar­ket in a gal­lon plas­tic bot­tle.
Atsushi Horigami is the oppo­site, as a col­lec­tor and bar owner, with about 300 real japanise whiskey, he knows how to find the best of the japanise whiskey pro­duc­tion. I like when peo­ple are inde­pen­dent and like Mr. Horigami, who cre­ates his one col­lec­tion and present it to the world. Zoetrope is his bar in Tokyo, where you can zip a Japan­ese dram and look at an old com­edy film from the silent era, also at the same time, lis­ten to sound­tracks from movies. Mind blow­ing, Char­lie Chap­lin with music played by Jimmy Hen­drix, plasma-gasting.… and if that is not good, you should check the inte­rior designed by Takeo Kimura one of the best know movie art direc­tors in Japan. While you are drink­ing your Minoh Caber­net Ale and try­ing to fig­ure out which Japan­ese whiskey you will sift through, Mr. Horigami will give you an alter­na­tive you can’t refuse. Remem­ber, some of the bot­tles are no longer com­mer­cially avail­able. And think twice, you have come such a long way…

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