To get the best steaks and Bourbon in Stockholm.

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Always when I entered the restau­rant, the fra­grance of a steak, grilled buf­falo entrecôte makes me in a good mode. It is wrong to say that Sad­dle & Sabre has a West­ern influ­ence or U.S. Civil War look to it. It is more like a restau­rant with mod­ern tools and beau­ti­fully styled coun­try and west­ern going Civil on the porch in a Ken­tucky way. Think of a bot­tle Cham­pagne and a Sabre rat­tle, some beau­ti­ful women, you will feel more of a Russ­ian influ­ence. Rob will do the trick in front of your eyes, Sabre the Cham­pagne. Even though the place is dom­i­nated by men, women are less than 30%, count­ing in the female cook and per­sonal, but still, it has a sober atmos­phere that you will like. Any­way, this place is great, with its fan­tas­tic Bour­bon col­lec­tion, also the indis­putable qual­ity steaks. Best steaks out­side The States, com­pet­ing with the best within. This place stands out.
Bour­bon has a low and unde­served rep­u­ta­tion in Swe­den, says Robert Ced­er­lid (owner of S&S). He has a dream col­lec­tion for a Bour­bon lover, also co-writer on the book “Users Guide to Bour­bon”. Still, I don’t find these bour­bon listed or men­tion, adver­tised on the net or else­where, and was very sur­prised to find this place in Stock­holm. Rods list will give you a great chance to find out the best of the Bour­bon world.
– I love my work here, says Mikaela Peverelli, who is in charge when Rod is free. She han­dles the crowd with ease and serves the tables with pres­ence and kind­ness.
– Cajun cook­ing is the base in our kitchen and our meat is black­ened, she goes on, you have our Buf­falo Rib Eye, really juicy, ten­der and mar­bled with fat. We import our Buf­falo meat from Kanada and biff– teaks, striploin and entrecôte from the US. You can order any size on the steak, just let us know in advance.

I guess it is impos­si­ble to… to have dessert after this treat, don’t miss the Yan­kee Gino it is seri­ously addic­tive… believ­ing Rob… well… I..

Too much of a good thing…is a good thing”
– Alan Jackson -

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