Sake (酒) and Shōchū (お酒), A change of values, and habits.

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Whisky_Japan_2777In Japan, right now, there is a big change of habits. Peo­ple are drink­ing more Shōshū than Sake. Which is a petty, because mak­ing Sake is a great art. Also the ques­tion is “what is Shōshū”. It is orig­i­nated from Kyūshū island but is pro­duced every were in Japan. Small pro­duc­ers like Mr. Shigeru Shi­ina is wor­ried by the future. He is the fifth gen­er­a­tion pro­duc­ing Sake in Ibaraki Pre­fec­ture located in the Kantō region on Hon­shū island (North of Tokyo). Mr Shi­ina stated that, though his pro­duc­tion of Sake has increased in qual­ity the last 5 years, due to bet­ter qual­ity rice, the con­sumers has turned more and more to Shōshū and other stronger liquors. But still he sells his tra­di­tion­ally hand­crafted Sake mostly to the restau­rants in the pre­fec­ture. All his bot­tles have orig­i­nal cal­lig­ra­phy labels. The fam­ily house is sit­u­ated on the moun­tain­side and has its excep­tional soft water run­ning through the brew­ery. Also Sake has its great place in local fes­ti­vals, were tra­di­tion­ally it has its one mean­ing.
Whisky_Japan_2776Fol­low this link and you can find your self a brew­ery to visit.

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