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New book for dolls house lovers

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Scan­di­na­vian Design in the Doll’s House takes the reader through the chang­ing trends in Scan­di­na­vian inte­rior design, from 1950–2000. The book cap­tures the Nordic way of life that has influ­enced inte­rior design through­out the world. Child­like in some ways, per­versely voyeuris­tic in oth­ers, this book … Read More

Thinking on bars in the world I have been to

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Think­ing on bars in the world I have been to, this a mem­o­rable one. It is an artists shack 6 feet up in a tree. A wooden shack hold­ing max 12 peo­ple, wind blow­ing through the ”plank”, rain drip­ping truth the roof and a hand … Read More

Sake (酒) and Shōchū (お酒), A change of values, and habits.

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In Japan, right now, there is a big change of habits. Peo­ple are drink­ing more Shōshū than Sake. Which is a petty, because mak­ing Sake is a great art. Also the ques­tion is “what is Shōshū”. It is orig­i­nated from Kyūshū island but is pro­duced … Read More

Longing for Yoichi, Japan

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Yoishi still pots

In 1918, Masa­taka Taket­suru embarked alone on a long voy­age to Scot­land. In this dis­tant land the secrets of whisky-making would be imparted to this young Japan­ese man, and here he would meet the woman who would become his bride.Masa­taka Taket­suru was born in the … Read More